Please use these size suggestions to determine which size will fit you best. If you are in between sizes and you prefer a more tight fit, go down a size, or if you prefer a more loose fit, go up a size. Keep in mind, compression wear is made to fit tight to your body while still allowing for movement and flexibility. These are estimates so please allow for discrepancies.
Our TRUE FIT rashguards are designed to correspond to your t-shirt size. For example, if you wear a size large t-shirt, it is likely that you will wear a size large rashguard (in most cases) however, everyone's body is different!
*NOTE: "Husky" sizes are designed with more space in the chest and arms to fit those who carry more weight in those areas. (Only available in select styles)* 


Size Weight
YS 60 lbs & under
YM 61 lbs - 85 lbs
YL 86 lbs - 110 lbs
XS 111 lbs - 130 lbs
S 131 lbs - 150 lbs
M 151 lbs - 175 lbs
L 176 lbs - 200 lbs
XL 201 lbs - 225 lbs
2XL 225 lbs & over

Shorts & Spats

Size Waist
YS 20" - 22"
YM 22" - 24"
YL 24" - 26"
XS 26" - 28"
S 28" - 30"
M 30" - 32"
L 32" - 34"
XL 34" - 36"
2XL 36" - 38"


If you need any help determining the best size for you, or if you would like to know the exact measurements for a specific size, please feel free to contact us. Don't see a size that will fit you? Please contact us!
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